Perfect lips

At Amberly, lip products are our superstars.
With our revolutionary color theory we have found the ultimate red colors. What makes them so unique is that they blend in with your existing colors, highlighting the eyes and enhancing your natural beauty.

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Butter Lipgloss
Butter Burnt Red
Butter Charm
Butter Chestnut Rose
Butter Hippie Pink
Butter Japonica
Butter Night Shadz
Butter Shady Lady
Butter Tyrian Red

Butter Lip Gloss

kr 229
My Signature Butter Lip Gloss is the perfect everyday gloss with color. Recommended by Lisa Eldridge. This is a lip gloss which is a mixture of a lip varnish and a lip gloss. Highly pigmented, but in colors that are formulated to bring out that little extra gleam in your eyes. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and contains moisturizing ingredients that soften dry lips. It is also light-reflecting and creates a magnifying effect on your lips.
Silk Lipstick
Lipstick Burnt Red
Lipstick Charm
Lipstick Chestnut Rose
Lipstick Hippie Pink
Lipstick Japonica
Lipstick Night Shadz
Lipstick Shady Lady
Lipstick Tyrian Red

Silk Lipstick

kr 259
Amberly Silk Lipstick is soft, nourishing and full of nutrients such as antioxidants and Shea Butter. The lipstick is easy to apply, and gives an immediate feeling of well-being. The lipstick contains coconut and soybeans which protect and moisturize the lips.
My Signature Liquid Matte Lipstick_ALLE_FARGER
Burnt Red
Chestnut Rose
Hippie pink
Night Shadz
Shady Lady
Tyrian Red

Liquid Matte Lipstick

kr 259
My Signature Liquid Matte Lipstick is easy to apply, lasts all day and does not dry out the lips. The lipstick is liquid when applied, but dries and becomes dull within one minute. The lipstick contains Kaolin, which is a natural clay, and this is what gives the lipstick the luxurious matte finish. 5.5ml
Velvet Lipstick
Velvet Burnt Red
Velvet Charm
Velvet Chestnut Rose
Velvet Hippie Pink
Velvet Night Shadz
Velvet Shady Lady
Velvet Tyrian Red

Velvet Lipstick

kr 259
Velvet Lipstick is soft, matte and luxurious like velvet. It is well pigmented which means that it does not crack even on dark colors, which gives an even application even on the dark colors. The lipstick is easy to apply, and gives an immediate feeling of well-being. The formula is a complex combination of waxes that softens the lips and gives a good spread to the pigments.

Lip Duo

kr 447

Vis din kjærlighet med Amberly leppeduoen. Settet inkluderer Butter Lipgloss i farge Shady Lady, Liquid Lipstick i farge Burnt Red og krystallchip armbånd.